Your journey into motherhood begins...

We believe that birth is one of the most wonderfully intimate moments in a new family’s life and it is our desire to help each family achieve their ideal pregnancy and birthing experience.  We are passionate about a mother's right to be able to choose her care provider, decide where she feels most comfortable giving birth and to be a partner in her own care.   For these reasons and many more, we are blessed to be able to offer birth center birth and home birth to the natural birthing families of West Texas and surrounding areas. 

At Heritage Births, you will receive so much more than just the “standard of care”.  Not only will you be treated like a valued individual, but all of your prenatal visits will be 30-60 minutes in length so that we will have plenty of time for conversation, teaching, questions, and for us to create a partnership regarding your care.   

When women are nurtured throughout their pregnancy and appreciated for who they are, it causes a ripple effect that continues to spread long after her final postpartum visit is completed.  A woman who is empowered during her transition into motherhood will set a positive example for her child that will carry them long into the future.  Every birth is miraculous and unique in its own way, and we feel deeply honored each time we are chosen to share in this wonderful adventure with our clients and their families.