Arica's Birth Story: Constance

"I will never forget the day I finally saw the word "pregnant" on that pregnancy test window.  Following four years of trying, I finally had a little heart beating inside of me.  To top it all off, it was my birthday, and here I was with my prayers answered, every wish on every candle and every falling star finally coming true.  My husband, Trent, and I cried so many tears of joy! 

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Lacey's Birth Story: Emalynn

I discovered I was finally pregnant with Emalynn almost 8 months after my husband and I began the journey to become pregnant. It seemed like those 8 months were truly years. I was anxious that something was wrong and that we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. The day the test showed positive, I was an emotional wreck. Earlier that week I had taken 2 pregnancy tests and they had shown negative. The fact that it was positive was a shock, even though I wanted it so badly, and even though my body had been telling me for a while that it was beginning to support a new little life. I had been feeling sick and very tired. The positive pregnancy test was definitely an answer to all of our prayers. This was my second marriage and my 4th pregnancy. Our daughters were 13, 12, and 9. We had all been dreaming and praying that we would get the privilege to add another member to our family.

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What does a home birth look like?

I get asked this question frequently by first time moms or moms who have only ever had hospital births before, but this question doesn’t have a quick answer.  How do you describe the most incredible experience a mother will ever have?  How do you put into words the sense of astonishment and pride she will feel in herself when she reaches down to pull that sweet baby onto her chest for the first time?  Or the joy of a father at being able to catch his own baby? Or the emotional, physical and spiritual connection that develops between those persons present to witness another of God’s miracles?  I’ll never be able to fully put into words what a home birth looks like, but for those who’ve never experienced one, I’ll try…..

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