Heritage Birth Center Facility


The Heritage Birth Center has been a labor of love since God put it on my heart to build starting in 2017.  I wanted to create a beautiful and home-like environment where women across West Texas and eastern New Mexico could come and peacefully give birth to their babies.  Many families feel that hospital is not the right option for them, but they want to be close to a good hospital just in case it is needed.  We currently have dozens of families who are traveling from up to 3 hours away for this natural birthing option, and we feel so blessed to be able to support them in achieving the birth experience they desire.  Our birth center is 2,000 sqft and has two private birth rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a prenatal room, guest bathroom, an office, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and a reception area.

Reception Area

When you walk into our birth center, you'll be welcomed into our reception area that feels more like a living room.  While I try to plan my schedule so that clients are not having to wait when they arrive for their visits, if they should have to sit for a few minutes, it is at least in a comfortable and peaceful setting.  Feel free to borrow a book from our lending library, or enjoy the ambiance of the fireplace.  Some of my clients also invite their families to come relax here while they are excitedly awaiting the arrival of a new member of the family

Birth Rooms

Our two birth rooms contain all of the same supplies and equipment, but we designed them differently so that you can choose where you feel most comfortable during your labor and birth.  The Canyon Birth Room will make you feel right at home living in West Texas and farm country, while the Cottage Birth Room can be your relaxing bed and breakfast getaway. 

Both birthing rooms are equipped with adjustable lighting, ceiling fans, private ensuite bathrooms, blue tooth speakers for your labor playlist, as well as diffusers for infusing the rooms with your favorite essential oil scents.  You will have all of the comforts of your home, while not having to worry about the clean up or bringing anything with you...all while being only 5 minutes away from local Lubbock hospitals!

Canyon Room:

Cottage Room:

Prenatal Room

When you come for your visits, you will have a comfortable place to sit with your partner and children, where everyone can feel included and participate.  Instead of a hard, cold pap smear table covered in crinkly paper for you to sit on, we have a comfortable sofa!  When it is time to listen to baby and measure your belly, you will simply stretch out and make yourself comfortable.  Children can occupy themselves with the basket of toys we keep stocked, or they may help take your blood pressure and listen to their baby's heart beat.  Partners are welcome to ask any questions they have and can help feel baby's positioning and kicks during abdominal palpation.  


Unlike hospitals, you will not be restricted on what you can and cannot eat or drink during labor.  In fact, we will be encouraging you to stay hydrated and snack on foods to provide you with energy throughout labor.  We do carry some food and drinks at the center that you are welcome to (and of course we have coffee for all of our labor coaches!), but you can also feel free to bring anything specific you would like to have during labor or immediately postpartum before you head home.